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Calcium Carbide


Product name: Calcium carbide

Molecular formula: CaC2

Molecular weight: 64.10 ( according to 2001 international relative atomic mass)

Properties: Calcium carbide is lumpy substance, its surface is a little deep gray, has slight nasty smell. It can produce acetylene gas when met water, it can burn when met fire. The acetylene gas mix with air will form explosive gas( explosive range of acetylene gas in the air is 2.3%-81%.)

Quality Standard: Product quality should be in accordance with national standard GB10665-2004.

Items Index
Top quality First quality Qualified products
gas release (20 C 101.3 kPa)/(L/kg) 300 280 260
Phosphine's volume fraction in acetylene /% 0.06 0.08
Sulfureted hydrogen's volume fraction in acetylene /% 0.10
Granularity (5mm-80mm)a's mass fraction /% 85
Screenings (below 2.5mm)'s mass fraction /% 5
The size range in the "a parenthesis mark" can be confirmed by the supplying and requisitioning parties.

Use: Used as materials of organic synthesis, widely used in metal bonding and cutting

Packaging: Packed in metal pail.100kg 1kg or 200kg 2kg net weight per pail.

Storage and transportation: Calcium carbide pail should be sealed. Stored in dry, cool and draughty place. Should separate from other combustible and explosive material.

50KG 50KG
100KG 250KG

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